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Pear-house of Salanca :iconxdarkwingy:xdarkwingY 0 0 Bunch of little drawings! 4 :iconxdarkwingy:xdarkwingY 0 0 Bunch of little drawings! 3 :iconxdarkwingy:xdarkwingY 0 0 Bunch of little drawings! 2 :iconxdarkwingy:xdarkwingY 0 0 Bunch of little drawings! 1 :iconxdarkwingy:xdarkwingY 0 0 Datz Ace Attorney Meme! :iconxdarkwingy:xdarkwingY 1 0 Because she's worth it~ :iconxdarkwingy:xdarkwingY 0 0 Air-Ship!~ :iconxdarkwingy:xdarkwingY 0 0 Mexican-Gothic-Jinx! :iconxdarkwingy:xdarkwingY 1 0 Ahri/Kitsune-Sketch! :iconxdarkwingy:xdarkwingY 1 4 Run, Girl, Run! :iconxdarkwingy:xdarkwingY 0 0 Super-Mexican-Ken :iconxdarkwingy:xdarkwingY 2 10 A random creepy ghost-girl! :iconxdarkwingy:xdarkwingY 0 0 Random Anime-Chick :iconxdarkwingy:xdarkwingY 1 0
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Michael-Schuhmacher? :iconxdarkwingy:xdarkwingY 0 0
Galaxy-Rising!~ :iconxdarkwingy:xdarkwingY 0 2


Whoa :icongrouchygutterrat:GrouchyGutterRat 31 1 [Art Trade] Mo :iconkheilahirai:KheilaHirai 113 17 Commission | Meibee :iconkheilahirai:KheilaHirai 69 16 Bodysuit 23 #213 :iconmegazone23pt2:Megazone23pt2 73 18 A Bad Night Out :iconprinny77:Prinny77 98 11 Kizuna AI :iconkitsuneco:Kitsuneco 169 27 Kurumizawa Satanichia McDowell :iconkitsuneco:Kitsuneco 82 8 Teruhashi Kokomi :iconkitsuneco:Kitsuneco 139 29 Kon :iconkitsuneco:Kitsuneco 153 34 Izumi Sagiri :iconkitsuneco:Kitsuneco 99 17 Summer :iconhotel01:Hotel01 89 11 091 - Cloyster :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 960 32 Emperor penguin :iconsakamina:sakamina 150 7 enen :iconyagamisiro:yagamisiro 304 7 Futo X Ran: Crackpairing :iconblackpass:BlackPass 2 1 Earth Day 2017 :iconevanimations:EVanimations 16 2


Bunch of little drawings! 4
This is the final of my ...sometimes kinda shitty,sometimes very well drawn
mini-pictures, i drew back then when i was sitting in school.
Bunch of little drawings! 3
Everey good things are 3.
But let's break this rule and add the last part.
EDIT: gosh they are so shitty. x3
Bunch of little drawings! 1
Hrm, i should have scanned them much...MUCH...earlier~~~ but, now that i look at them..
they kiiinda look fitting drawn from a 15 or 16th certain boi, i don't have much skill, but... i love shitpost the internet
so here i gooo :DDDD
Got tagged by Valictini  :3333

1. You must copy the rules and paste them in here.(Adding is allowed)
2. You must answer the 13 questions about you. 
3. Prepare another 13 questions for others.
4. Tag 3 people or more.
5. Write, to them that they got tagged.
6. You can't write "who comment this post got tag".
7. You must choose 3 people or more legal.
8. You can say you don't do tags. 
9. Tag-back are allowed.
10. Don't do this tag in comment.
11. If you don't do it in week ,you must do a favor for the person from you got your tag.
12. Be creative about the title in the post.
13. Swear words are allowed.

1. What's your favorite type of food?
and :shakefish: sticks.

2. What game(s) are you hyped for this year?
Good q.! I think.... *keeps thinking*
FF Fates(if it doesn't get censored)

3. Show me your favorite smileys on dA!
Herr Llama Emperor 3D Llama Badge  Herr Llama EmperorDetermination [INTENSIFIES] Chat Icon (Undertale) :huehuehue: Temmie Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale excited Temmie Emoticon Icon Gif 2 - Undertale Free Undertale Sans Headbob Icon 2 Dog Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale 
4. A music you liked lately?
Undertale themes~Mettaton EX Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale 

5. Do you have any pets?
Nope i guess not. Sometimes i feed the spiders. Muffet Spider Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale 

6. What is your top 5 favorite Pokémon?
#491 Darkrai #384 Rayquaza Gardevoir #475 Gallade #493 Arceus #350 Milotic 
and many many more~
Mega Rayquaza 1Mega Rayquaza 2Mega Rayquaza 3 
Mega Rayquaza 4Mega Rayquaza 5Mega Rayquaza 6 
(can someone tell me how to do this better?)
Mega Rayquaza 7Mega Rayquaza 8Mega Rayquaza 9   

7. How many notifications do you have right now?

8. What's your favorite type of music?…
My Youtube acc~ and my music playlist~Galactic Center 
9. Would you smoosh a ghost? (wink)
Hatsune Miku-02 (Winks)
... which one~ Free Nabstablook Icon Happstablook Icon 
10. Anime/manga/cartoon/whatever of the moment?
Tardbot- Sini Contest Entry Tardbot- Sini Contest Entry
*to much data*Tardbot- Sini Contest Entry Tardbot- Sini Contest Entry  basically veeeery much and everything~

11. Burger or pizza?
You know there are pizza burgers?…
exactly that one's!
12. Would you rather be able to eat ONLY sugary stuffs or salty stuffs?
i go with the sugar!

13. Happy the questions are over? Cuz' I am out of ideas anyway :D (Big Grin)
Actually no! I want moaaar questions 0^0!I don't know what is happening!

Here come my questions!
What game you were hyped for LAST year?
What's your favorite game?
How many animes have you watched so far?
If you could choose your second life, how it would be? Like, a fox girl in a fantasy world. Or a sword fighter in a castle/middle ages?
Do you have any sins you are not ashamed about to tell? <3
Manga or Visual Novel?
Would you mind being in danger?
What's your fav. hate-pokemon? No reason is in need.
Fox girls, vampires, dog girls,succubussi or neko girls? Choose one.(If you are a girl, think of the options as male-versions~)
What's the meaning of life?
Any bad dirty jokes to tell, that would everyone throws tables at you?
What's your fav. picture?
What have you drawn so far, and what were you thinking whiel drawing it?

Now the people i tag:
Valictini (you don't have to tag again)
AAAND that was it!~ <3

  • Listening to: My YouTube Playlist!
  • Reading: Internet stuff~
  • Watching: Steven Universe!
  • Playing: Neptunia,PKMN,ZeldaTriForceHeroes,XenobladeX,etc.
  • Eating: Pizza ._.
  • Drinking: Pizza ._.'''' (Psssst!Capri Sun!)


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Rick B.
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I finnally know from where this picture is! It's Izumi Sora from the Visual Novel ''Stellar ☆ Theater'' !

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